Friday, December 15, 2006

squieu and you know, other stuff

Today I felt I would do a review of a builder and his style, squieu. When you look at his creations you are always amazed and I'm sure confused. I sits there trying to process the mass of bricks and awesomeness, but alas, you can't, at least not easily. From my personal observation, squieu has what I like to call a "what the hell?" style. Sure you don't need to use 14 pneumatic t's and who knows how many Travis bricks in a model, but what the hell? If it weren't for sets like the Fenris Wolf, no one could even attempt to build like squieu. And it doesn't stop at mecha and robots, oh no. There's even hover bikes and motorcycles to make us bow down to his superior skill, among other things.
There is hope, however for those of us with a longing to build like him. The key is to look at his simpler models , take it slow, studying them like a book, because you'll start noticing little details that appear in his larger, more complex creations. Then the next time you're at your pile of parts, try making something small, although maybe not quite so complicated, using these techniques that you see pop up so often. There's a reason squieu sticks to these techniques. That reason is that, despite being parts expensive, they provide maximum strength and/or maneuverability in a compact space. Go on, go, try it, you might even find a new style for your self (I might finish reading the blogg post first though).

Now for some MOCs that ranked particularly high on my Tasty-O-Meter

Jehkay's super deformed land mate just hit that sort of deadly but cute mark that I'm such a fan of. I honestly don't have a single nit about this except that there aren't enough mecha out there like it. I'm hyperventilating just thinking about the greatness of this.

Next! zizy2 has like a TON of new stuff. I mean there's like so much new stuff that I can't even find all the links for them so here's this. Look through it, them look though the rest of his gallery
because I'm sure there's new stuff in it there and because you just haven't looked through it enough as is.

HMMM... yep that's about it. Oh, and if you take a look on iTunes Relient K has two new songs on there for the price of one. Yes now that is definitely it, I'm signing out.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hola, Welcome to the Imperial Inspection

Hello spacers, trainheads, castlers, and townsfolk!

I will be using this blogg to highlight builders or mocs that I find especially tastey.

Stick with me and we'll churn this milk into butter.